Our Teams

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Sales and Customer Service

Our Sales and Customer Services Teams provide dedicated service to all our customers from receiving orders to the delivery of product which includes processing high-volume customer orders and providing product availability, pricing and delivery information.

As a member of the Sales and Customer service teams you will need to be focused and results-driven; a customer service professional with excellent attention to detail, efficient time management and a desire to provide service that is second to none.


The Wesbeam Marketing Team makes sure our brand is telling the right story to our customers. Keeping up with market research, the team ensures we know what our customers want and are developing the products to meet these needs; and that we are constantly applying the latest digital tools and reflecting the true Wesbeam brand.

To be part of our marketing team you need to be passionate about our business and brand, willing to stay on top of trends and technology and ready to bring your innovative side to the team.


Wesbeam's strong financial team focuses on helping Wesbeam move forward in smart, ethical ways. Using past financial figures and future predictions - as well as managing pricing - the team ensures both Wesbeam and its customers benefit. As a member of the finance team you need to be dynamic, possess strong analytical skills and attention to detail.

Human Resources & Safety

The men and women at Wesbeam are the focus of the Human Resources team. A large portion of our life is spent at work and HR focuses on creating a culture which enables employees to feel safe, to produce their best work, and be provided with the opportunities to develop and make the most of their time spent at work. 

As a member of the team you can use your passion for HR to focus on recruiting the right talent for the company, remuneration and benefit programs, payroll or creating the right culture at Wesbeam.

The safety of our employees is our number one priority and strongly supported by the company’s culture. As a member of the safety team you'll work with safety leaders where your behaviour and values form part of our safe systems of work - not only in preventative actions but to ensure the environment is safe 24/7.

Information Systems

At Wesbeam, everything we do is run by the computers and software of our information systems. They control our hi-tech, 24 hours-a-day manufacturing operations along with vital databases, our finances and logistics management. 

Our information systems team ensures the on-going resilience, integrity and performance of Wesbeam’s business systems and networks are secured and maintained.


Our logistics team manages the entire process from customer service and sales to making sure the raw materials make their way into our factory where they’re transformed into the products to be despatched to our customers. 

There are over 65 team members nationally who work together to manage the inventory, schedule production, pack goods for client orders and make sure they are ready to be despatched. There are a range of roles in this process which are vital to ensuring we meet customer demands and that our customers receive the best service.


The operations team at Wesbeam is responsible for ensuring our customers get the highest quality products. The team is results-oriented, process-driven and works well in a large team environment to manufacture our high-quality products. The operations team is made up of the maintenance and production teams. 

The maintenance team includes electricians and mechanical fitters who work on regular maintenance and repairs of the fixed plant. The production team works along the hi-tech process line ensuring we produce the highest quality products for our customers. 

We encourage our team members to explore various functions and develop skills in new areas giving everyone the opportunity to learn different parts of the production line.

Quality Assurance

Wesbeam prides itself on the high quality of LVL it produces. Our Quality Assurance team ensures our customers get the high-quality products they demand and work together to audit the production and ensure processes are followed throughout the entire manufacturing plant.

As a member of the Quality Assurance team you need to be process driven and meticulous.