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Wesbeam’s e-beam is proving to be a key component in the construction of specialised bulk storage facilities, according to Peter Kerman of Kerman Contracting in Western Australia.

“We specialise in the design and construction of bulk storage, materials handling and processing plants, and often the materials being stored are highly corrosive,” Peter explained.

“In these situations, we can’t use steel, but because of the size of the storage facilities we do need to use a material that has a high strength to weight ratio, and that can span long distances.”

When the Esperance Port Authority appointed Kerman Contracting to construct a 210m x 80m storage building to hold sulphur – a highly corrosive material - specifying Wesbeam e-beam was the obvious answer.

Some of the reasons why Kerman Contracting chose Wesbeam LVL for this project are outlined below.

Why Wesbeam LVL? 

High strength to weight ratio:

Wesbeam LVL has a high strength to weight ratio, which means it can span further and carry heavier loads. This makes it ideal for large bulk storage facilities where steel is not an option.


The corrosive nature of the materials being stored in the Esperance Port Authority facility meant that steel could not be used. However, the substitute material needed comparable spanning, weight bearing and Coefficient of Variation properties to steel – all of which Wesbeam LVL has.


Wesbeam LVL is engineered to have a low Coefficient of Variation (COV). At 9% COV, Wesbeam LVL is on a par with steel (7% COV) and performs much better than recycled steel (25% plus COV).

Fixed cost:

Wesbeam LVL is a fixed cost, unlike steel, which is subject to fluctuations in world commodity prices.

Design flexibility:

The ability to span further and carry greater loads created greater design flexibility, enabling the building to be constructed in a way that best suited its purpose.

Technical support:

Wesbeam provides extensive technical, design and engineering support to ensure that the customer achieves maximum benefit from using LVL – not only in the design of the building, but also in cost savings by achieving optimum results using the minimum material. 

Light and easy to handle:

Wesbeam LVL weighs up to 30% less than an equivalent piece of hardwood, and much less than steel . This makes it easier and faster to work with, and in some instances can reduce the need for mechanical lifting.

Oct 31, 2018