WoodSolutions / Holmesglen Mid-Rise Demo

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Multi Res


  • Lightweight
  • Mass
  • Region
    Victoria, Aus
  • Levels
    3 levels
  • Status

A multi storey timber construction has been built at Holmesglen Institute in Chadstone, Victoria to assist with education of the mid-rise construction methods in Australia. Wesbeam are aware that education is key for this market since launching the Tall Timber Building Systems division over a year ago, and did not hesitate in supporting this initiative. 

David Bylund, who heads up Wesbeam’s Tall Timber Building Systems division as Architect | Team Lead says, "while mid-rise construction is still relatively new to Australia, the number of completed projects is definitely increasing". The full scale mid-rise timber construction demonstrates all the structural, fire rating, and acoustic systems that is common in this construction method.

You can walk through and understand how connections are made and details why some areas are designed a certain way to meet the benefits of working with this sustainable material. Wesbeam, alongside other suppliers through WoodSolutions supplied the lightweight and massive timber elements for the construction.

As a display structure, the project utilises a number of different structural systems. The structure features both light weight cassette floors, mass timber floor panels (comprising both LVL and CLT). The core is largely constructed of mass timber (CLT and LVL), with a short lightweight section on top. Load bearing lower walls in the project are all built of LVL studs, with a high density of studs on the lowest levels (triple studs at 450ctrs). The roof structure is all lightweight.

A section of the structure is designed to be dismantlable, so visiting teams can experience the benefits of panelised construction first hand. This section contains 4 x wall panels, 1 x light weight cassette, and 1 x massive (CLT) panel.

The exterior of the project has been designed to display a number of different façade systems and products, with façade finishes from James Hardie (Exotec and Comtex), PGH Bricks, and Equitone. The façade will show a variety of different backing systems, with varying vapour barriers, insulation options, and façade supporting structures.

As the structure is intended for display, it shows a variety of finishes from different suppliers. The ground floor is almost completely clad, with just a few cutaways exposing the structural system at that level which reflects what you could expect to see on the ground storey of a typical mid-rise building. 

The first level is partially clad internally, but more so displays the systems that would typically be hidden in a finished building. These include fire rating details, acoustic details, waterproofing details and more. The top storey has been left as framing only, and displays the various connectors and bracing solutions provided by the nail plate manufacturers.

It is encouraged that those who want to understand more on how these systems can work, visit the display by seeing it and touching it for themselves.

Oct 16, 2018