e-beam replaces steel in outdoor structures

e-beam can reduce the cost of construction of garages and car ports and other alfresco structures such as verandahs by reducing the need for steel beams.


Date: Thursday 11 Oct 2018

e-beam is an engineered solution for beams in stick roofs in outdoor structures. Strong, lightweight and smooth to handle, e-beam reduces the cost and complexity of construction by effectively doing away with the need to use cranes, welding equipment or explosive nail fixings that are required for steel beams.

Using Wesbeam’s e-beam provides a range of benefits to builders that go far beyond the dollar for dollar cost of a steel beam versus an LVL beam. It offers great flexibility in the design of structures such as garages, car ports and al fresco areas, while also delivering work safety benefits as it is lighter and safer to work with than steel beams. Using e-beam can also speed up construction times, with no waiting around on site for cranes and other trades that are essential when working with steel.

Treated to level H3, e-beam offers lasting protection in external above ground applications against fungal decay, termites, European House Borer and other wood boring insects. The H3 treatment also ensures that e-beam maintains its integrity in situ in the roof frame, including its dimensional stability, length, width, strength and straightness.

Engineered for straightness and consistent performance, e-beam is manufactured from 100 per cent certified plantation pine and has arrised edges for safer and more comfortable handling. It comes with full Chain of Custody (CoC) certification.

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