Energy-efficient Wesbeam LVL

An engineered timber product, Wesbeam LVL is a highly energy-efficient building material compared to alternative products such as steel and aluminium.


Date: Wednesday 10 Oct 2018

Sustainably managed timber is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials available. It is obtained from a natural resource that grows on solar energy, converting CO2 to carbon (wood fibre) and emitting oxygen.  It is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.  Its production and processing are energy efficient and its use is ‘greenhouse positive’.

Wesbeam LVL is manufactured from sustainably sourced timbers. By applying the latest technology and design, Wesbeam converts a low value wood into a highly engineered wood product that has a high load-bearing capacity.

Because Wesbeam LVL is engineered to be strong and straight, it can be used as a replacement not only for steel but also for traditional hardwoods that are sourced from old growth forests in the South West of Western Australia, or South East Asia.

In the process of manufacturing LVL, Wesbeam uses 100 per cent of every log that comes through the factory gates.

The bark is stripped off and supplied to mulch manufacturers for use in the horticultural industry. 

Wesbeam also works with the Forest Products Commission and implements a comprehensive tree planting program, valued at one million dollars a year the program will work with farmers to establish commercial tree plantations.

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