FWPA Fresh new campaign launched to reframe Wood as The Ultimate Renewable™

The Ultimate Renewable™ is an industry campaign to promote the sustainability and environmental advantages of Australia's forest and wood products industry.


Date: Thursday 18 Jul 2019

Wesbeam enthusiastically supports Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) in the launch of the recent The Ultimate Renewable™ campaign. Sharing the environmental advantages of forestry and wood products, as consumers increasingly look for alternatives to unsustainable materials, is much needed.

The advertisements offer a fresh new narrative around forestry that most of the public are unaware of – that wood is a continually renewable resource and that trees in Australia’s commercial forests are replanted.

The unique ability to store carbon is another factor that means wood and any products made from it are an environmentally friendly option across the entire supply chain.

Wesbeam LVL products are manufactured from sustainably grown timber managed to strict Commonwealth, State and Local government regulations and guidelines.

Engineered wood products such as Wesbeam LVL make extremely efficient use of the available timber resource as they can be made from fast-growing, less expensive wood species and the by-products of manufacture are used to produce particle board, garden mulch and compost.

Award-winning architect and host of Grand Designs Australia, Peter Maddison, is the face of the campaign that will cover all major and regional Australian cities across multiple channels, directing audiences to Planet Ark’s Make It Wood website.

Watch The Ultimate Renewable™ TVC here.

Find out more about the benefits of Wesbeam’s renewable resource here.

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