Mass Timber Design Guide

An introductory guide to the use of LVL in mass timber buildings

Wesbeam continually seeks to create opportunities for its customers to tap into new markets where LVL can be used in tall timber buildings and we are proud to release An Open Source Guide to the Wesbeam LVL Tall Timber Building Systems. This document was developed by Wesbeam’s leading architectural and engineering team and it provides the Australian market with the only document that summarises the Design Principals of Mass Timber using Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). 

We recognise that for Wesbeam to service this market, we must work in conjunction with the entire upstream supply chain and so, with this release we encourage further engagement with architects, engineers, prefabricators and builders.

As the first Australian Design Guide for architects, engineers and builders for Mass Timber Structures, we encourage you to download today and start a conversation with us on how together, we can build all Australian tall timber buildings.

The development of this document has come about after an extensive period of design and peer review and Wesbeam would like to specifically thank the following for their assistance: 

Dr David Bylund, Wesbeam Tall Timber Building Systems Team Lead
Stephen Dayus, Wesbeam Technical Manager

Peter Law, Wesbeam Senior Advisor - Technical
Tom Rickerby, Wesbeam Senior Structural Engineer
Dr Ahsan Qureshi, Wesbeam Quality Assurance Manager

Dr Andrew Dunn, CEO, TDNSW
Dr Jon Shanks, TimberEd Services
Dr Alastair Woodard, TPC Solutions
Dr Hui Jiao, Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering, College of Sciences and Engineering, University of Tasmania
James Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick + Partners

Download An Open Source Guide to the Wesbeam LVL Tall Timber Building Systems