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Lee Ambrose, the Founding Director at Ambrose Design and Construct, discusses the benefits his company has garnered from partnering with Wesbeam.

Testimonial for Wesbeam by Lee Ambrose, Founding Director of Ambrose Design and Construct

As the Founding Director of Ambrose Design and Construct, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Wesbeam for over eight years. Our company specialises in high-end builds and custom home renovations, and we pride ourselves on maintaining sustainable growth through meticulous control over our operations. Throughout our journey, the partnership with Wesbeam has been key to our success.

From the beginning, Wesbeam stood out due to their flexibility, reliability, and quality. Initially connected through Bunnings and Big River Group, we quickly realised the value of having Wesbeam's distribution center nearby in Brendale. This proximity allowed us to collaborate directly with their engineers, facilitating efficient, high-quality solutions tailored to our needs. This hands-on approach has been instrumental, particularly when dealing with the complexities of custom home designs.

One of the significant challenges in the construction industry is maintaining consistency and reliability, especially during times like the pandemic. Wesbeam’s support during this period was crucial. Despite extended lead times, Wesbeam ensured that we received guaranteed supplies, allowing us to continue building homes without significant delays. Their ability to adapt and provide immediate solutions, even when issues arose, has been unparalleled.

The communication and support from Wesbeam is exceptional. Their engineers work seamlessly with our structural engineers, which not only streamlines the design process but also saves us significant time and money. This collaboration eliminates the need for constant back-and-forth, ensuring that the designs are precise and ready for implementation. Wesbeam's willingness to engage in direct engineer-to-engineer communication is a unique advantage that sets them apart.

Efficiency and logistics are other areas where Wesbeam excels. Their consistent delivery times and order handling have allowed us to maintain a smooth workflow. Using Wesbeam products ensures a high level of reliability and quality across all projects.

Wesbeam's products and services remain our top choice. Their relationship with key partners like Big River and Bunnings ensures competitive pricing and robust support, which are critical for our sustained success.

In terms of innovation, Wesbeam leads the industry. They are proactive rather than reactive, constantly seeking better ways to collaborate and enhance their offerings. This forward-thinking approach has significantly benefited our operations, allowing us to stay ahead in a competitive market.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Wesbeam to any industry colleague. Their support, communication, and commitment to quality have been vital to our success, especially during challenging times. The partnership with Wesbeam has not only helped us thrive but also revolutionised our pre-design process, making it more efficient and reliable.

In summary, Wesbeam’s reliability, innovation, and exceptional support have been instrumental in our growth and success. Without their partnership, particularly during the pandemic, continuing our operations would have been a daunting challenge. I look forward to many more years of a successful partnership.

Lee Ambrose
Founding Director, Ambrose Design and Construct

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