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Nick Velickovic, Operations and Estimating Manager for Brolen Homes provides insight on how partnering with Wesbeam has benefited their business.

Brolen Homes
Nick Velickovic | Operations + Estimating

Brolen Homes has a Supply Agreement with Wesbeam ensuring a consistent supply of Wesbeam LVL and I-joist via Brolen’s timber merchants and frame & truss suppliers. Nick Velickovic, Operations and Estimating Manager provided insight on how partnering with Wesbeam has benefited their business.

“Building over 200 homes per year with 85% of those builds as two storey, the use of Wesbeam LVL and e-joist for floor systems are priority for our business.

We were a customer of Wesbeam for about 3 years before the pandemic hit and have entered into a supply agreement for the last 12 months, providing us guaranteed supply security.

Entering into a partnered supply agreement with Wesbeam, allows us to receive all the floor systems required, which was extremely beneficial in a time when others were struggling with supply.

This supply agreement allows us to not rely on overseas products. And, as Wesbeam is an Australian company, we take pride in using Australian product and material where possible.

During the pandemic the lead times on delivery were longer, but we could understand the difficulty of supply being affected by all in this industry. Eventually, we received all our product. Currently delivery timeline is exceptional.

The support we receive from Wesbeam is strong, and we have a good relationship with the Wesbeam team here in NSW. We would review re-signing if it worked for both Brolen and Wesbeam.

Further to this, our trades love using the Wesbeam product as they do a great floor system. Everyone is pleased which makes it easier on our business.

We would recommend others to sign up.  It provides a guarantee of supply as the uncertainty previously is not something we would want to experience again.

From Brolen Homes point of view, we will support Wesbeam as long as they continue to support us in our business to grow stronger and stronger in years to come.”

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