Denmack Developments

Rohan Goode, Site Supervisor at Denmack Developments provides insight on the benefits of partnering with Wesbeam, and his expectations being exceeded.

Denmack Developments

Rohan Goode | Site Supervisor

Denmack Developments has a Supply Agreement with Wesbeam ensuring a consistent supply of Wesbeam LVL and I-joist via Denmack’s timber merchants and frame & truss suppliers. 

Rohan Goode, Site Supervisor provided insight on how partnering with Wesbeam has benefited their business.

“Being a family company spanning over 20 years specialising in multi-residential developments, LVL timber is of great importance to our business including wall frame lintels, but most importantly joists for floor systems.

We entered a Supply Agreement with Wesbeam 2 years ago after several discussions with Wesbeam and our local supplier, Bunnings.  Wesbeam worked with us to understand what we needed, giving us confidence to move forward and sign the agreement.

When the pandemic hit and the supply of overseas shipments didn’t come through Wesbeam’s guaranteed supply gave us security to complete our builds. Wesbeam worked with us on what our business needed. They listened and have continued to deliver.

The pandemic was one component, but even during the floods, when train derailments threatened supply, our supply agreement reassured us that we would be in a strong position to finish our projects. Clear communication between both businesses gave us reassurance for delivery of the products we needed. Seeing the stock come through the gates was very satisfying.

What has happened in the last 2 years has been unchartered, and we cannot guarantee that it won’t happen again.  We’re currently looking at the weather with impending rain to see how this could affect our business today.  Continuous and guaranteed supply by an Australian manufacturer and sustainable product is of upmost importance to us.  Knowing there is no reliance on imported product is fantastic. 

Working with an Australian made timber product such as Wesbeam provides us with an economical product. I-joists are lightweight, easy to use and cheaper than the steel alternative which we all reviewed during the pandemic when supply was questionable. 

The Wesbeam team and their products have exceeded our expectations with both quality and supply.”

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