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James Burnell, Fairhaven Homes Procurement Manager shares his thoughts on their Supply Agreement with Wesbeam and the associated benefits.

Fairhaven Homes

James Burnell | Procurement Manager

Fairhaven Homes has a Supply Agreement with Wesbeam ensuring a consistent supply of Wesbeam LVL and I-joist via Fairhaven’s timber merchants and frame & truss suppliers. James Burnell, Procurement Manager provided insight on how partnering with Wesbeam has benefited their business.

“Fairhaven builds between 300 and 500 homes per year, with double storey homes continuing to increase in preference due to smaller lots available. We rely on Wesbeam’s e-joist for floor systems supply.          

This will be the 2nd supplier agreement signed with Wesbeam within 3 years and will definitely review signing again next year.

Wesbeam has been exceptionally good to us. Supporting an Australian company gives us supply security and the priority we need in business.  Receiving the product on time, allows our scheduling to be on time which is critical for business success.

If another supplier was slightly cheaper, it would not drive me to change. It is is not enough to guarantee me the supply of product. I would rather pay a little more knowing that it is Australian and can be delivered. It makes no sense to change to an imported product.

What sets Wesbeam apart from its competitors? Being Australian owned. The communication with the team is exceptional and are easy to deal with. The product performs as it should to Australian Standards. Our trades never complain about the product. The staff are excellent. Service is great. I would buy service as one of the number one reason to stay with the company.

Signing a supply agreement with Wesbeam has provided Fairhaven Homes with many benefits.”

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