Porter Davis

Shannon Knight, Business Partnership Manager for Porter Davis provides insight on how partnering with Wesbeam has benefited their business.

Porter Davis
Shannon Knight | Business Partnership Manager

Porter Davis has a Supply Agreement with Wesbeam ensuring a consistent supply of Wesbeam LVL and I-joist via Porter Davis’s timber merchants and frame & truss suppliers.  Shannon Knight, Business Partnership Manager provided insight on how partnering with Wesbeam has benefited their business.

“As the Business Partnership Manager for Porter Davis, I manage our supplier relationships to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Building in both Victoria and Queensland, with 1,500 homes in Victoria alone and 80% as two storeys, the need for Wesbeam’s floor systems and LVL is vital.

As a family run business, signing a supply agreement with an Australian owned and run business such as Wesbeam that manufacturers their product here is extremely important.

Although our supply agreement is relatively new this year, the Wesbeam business and Porter Davis business aligns extremely well. The people and product are a good fit, and we would want to continue to partner long term.

We have been lucky enough to visit the factory firsthand in WA and were blown away by the world class facility based here in Australia. The scale is phenomenal.

As a builder that can use product made right here - from seeing the log go into the factory, to how it is manufactured into the LVL product that is delivered to us in Victoria, to finally being used on site by our trades in creating our homes for our clients is amazing.

We have an outstanding relationship with all Wesbeam staff including all senior team members. The people and communication are incredible. We can discuss good and bad scenarios and I feel confident that issues can be worked through.  There is no fluff or spin. Wesbeam will deliver.

Being Australian made and owned is a big plus for us and a great story for our business.

Signing the supply agreement with Wesbeam was a no brainer. It provides comfort to our business and makes good business sense.”

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