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LVL in Bushfire Prone Areas

Wesbeam manufactures a wide range of structural engineered wood products for use in residential timber-framed construction. These products include: e-beam, e-maximus, e-splay, e-beam, e-purlin, e-strut, e-batten, e-garage+, e-pink, e-beam+ [F17], e-joist, e-stick and e-plate.

Wesbeam’s wide range of LVL products can be used in any BAL classification as part of the internal supporting timber-framed structure without restriction.

Typical applications -

Floor framing: LVL bearers and joists; e-joists
Wall framing: LVL wall studs, jamb studs, studs carrying concentrated roof loads, lintels
Roof framing: LVL roof beams (all applications), roof struts, underpurlins, battens

AS 3959-2009 places some restrictions on the use of timber and LVL products, in some external timber framing applications and BAL classifications.

Typical applications -

  • Floor framing: LVL bearers and joists (untreated- protected and H3-treated)
  • Roof framing: LVL verandah beams, alfresco beams, rafters

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