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e-stick Walls

e-stick LVL is a direct substitute for MGP10 pine in LVL stick wall fabrication – studs and plates – and is engineered to maximize the efficient use of material and time. e-stick will meet and/or exceed the MGP10 Pine Structural Design Properties prescribed in AS1720.1 – 2010 in all residential wall framing applications.

  • Engineered for straightness, consistency and guaranteed performance
  • e-stick for wall framing applications – studs and plates – is supplied untreated
  • e-stick can be easily treated to H2S, LOSP H2 and H3 Hazard levels if required
  • e-stick can be used in all residential wall framing applications including suds, plates and noggins
  • Available ex stock
  • Competitively priced
  • Chamfered edges for safer and more comfortable handling
  • Made from plantation timber veneers
  • Manufactured in Australia by a wholly owned Australian company
  • Wesbeam has full Chain of Custody aligned with the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (

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