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Products Overview

Wesbeam has a number of premier Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) products available in Australia. It has many advantages over traditional building products, including its uniformity of engineering properties, its high strength to weight ratio, and its availability in longer lengths.

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Products include:




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e-beam is Australia's premier Laminated Veneer Lumber with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Download the WA Product Range brochure.

Download the e-beam for stick roofs brochure.

e-maximus is Wesbeam’s high strength steel replacing LVL made from plantation trees grown close to the only LVL factory in Australia. e-maximus has the strength of steel, the flexibility of LVL and does away with costly connection brackets and welding.

e-splay is a splayed e-beam that has been designed to fit between the wall plate and the underside of the rafter or roof cladding, creating an LVL alternative to steel universal beams for use in the construction of stick roofs.

e-beam² is an LVL strutting beam system for specifying and erecting stick roofs without using steel beams.

e-purlin has been specifically engineered to enable greater strut spacing; so it can be used to create stronger roofs using less material.

e-strut engineered LVL roof struts support stick roofs for tile and metal sheet cladding.

e-batten are engineered LVL roof battens to support metal sheeting.

e-garage+ is an engineered solution for exposed beams in stick roof construction.

e-beam+ [F17] is the only true F17 hardwood substitute which meets all the Australian Standards.

e-joist is the leading floor joist available in Australia.

e-bearer+joist is an engineered solution for traditional subfloor framing (not available in Western Australia).

e-stick Roof LVL is a direct substitute for MGP10 pine at competitive prices and is engineered to maximise the efficient use of material and time.

e-stick Walls is a direct substitute for MGP10 pine in LVL stick wall fabrication - studs and plates.

e-plate is a continuous LVL masonry wall plate designed to support roofs with metal sheeting or tiles under dynamic and static loads

e-form is an engineered LVL concrete formwork beam, purpose designed for the high load-bearing and corrosive environment of the concrete formwork industry.

e-plank is Australia's premium LVL scaffold plank.

e-edge engineered LVL edge boards is specifically used in formwork applications for defining edges of a concrete slab.

LVL in Bushfire Prone Areas

e-house is Wesbeam's own software design program, which helps you make the most of the engineered properties and cost benefits of using Wesbeam LVL products.



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