Sustainable Timber: Everything You Should Know

Sustainable timber is wood sourced from responsibly managed forests.


Date: Thursday 9 Mar 2023

Sustainable timber is wood sourced from responsibly managed forests. The protection of the environment and wildlife is considered when managing these forests. In this blog, we highlight everything you should know about sustainable timber to help you choose the best product for your building projects.


What is Sustainable Timber?

Western Australian forests provide many benefits including animal and water supply protection. Sustainable forest management aims to balance the health of these forests whilst also meeting the growing demand for timber.

Sustainable timber is wood sourced from responsibly managed forests. These forests are managed with strict environmental standards to protect the environment and wildlife. Wesbeam only use timber sourced from sustainably-managed forests to manufacture all our LVL and LVL I-joist products.

Sustainability means these forests are kept healthy for future generations. These trees are also able to store carbon emissions to keep our air clean.


Why You Should Buy Sustainable Timber

Using sustainable wood for building is important for several reasons:


Environmental Protection

Sustainably managed forests reduce the environmental impact of the timber supply industry. By using sustainable timber, you are actively reducing environmental damage.


Supporting Local

Webeam’s sustainable timber is supplied by Australian forests. Utilising our timber products not only supports the environment but also supports local producers and jobs.


Economic Benefits

Sustainable timber is important for the economy too. By sustainably managing forests, these forests can ensure a reliable source of timber products for the economy.


How to Verify Sustainable Wood in Australia

Always look for official certification of the wood’s sustainable source. Australian timber harvested from sustainably managed forests come with Responsible Wood Chain of Custody Certification. This is administered under the Responsible Wood Certification Scheme. You can find Wesbeam’s Chain of Custody Certificate here.

This certifies the raw timber was sourced from sustainably managed forests. Wesbeam’s timber is also sustainably sourced from the Forest Products Commission of WA (FPC). They are responsible for the management of WA’s forest products industry.


Sustainable Timber for Building

Whenever you’re thinking of using timber for your building projects, consider checking if it comes from a sustainable source. It’s best practice to sourcet your timber products from a supplier with Responsible Wood Chain of Custody Certification.

Wesbeam is in control from tree to trade because all of our products begin as sustainably-grown timber. Then, in our state-of-the art Western Australian manufacturing facility, we use this reliable supply of harvested timber to produce our entire range of products; everything from e-beam through to our innovative e-joist.

Wesbeam is an Australian timber supplier that has worked to achieve accreditation for our range of LVL products. Our customers can be confident that their LVL products come from a sustainable and reliable source. If you’re interested in using our LVL products for your next construction project, contact us today. Our team will help answer any questions.

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