Reasons To Consider LVL Timber For Your Next Construction Project

LVL Timber is the perfect building material for your next construction project because of its strength and versatility. LVL is also renewable and reliable.


Date: Monday 14 Nov 2022

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is a wood product manufactured from many thin layers of wood adhered together. Wesbeam’s LVL products offer several advantages over standard milled lumber. In this article, we provide some insight into the benefits of using LVL timber for residential construction and why you should consider using laminated wood beams for your next project.

The Strength of Steel and the Versatility of Wood:

The main advantage of using LVL timber in your projects is the increased strength while still retaining the versatility of typical lumber. Wesbeam’s unique manufacturing process allows our LVL products to have a high strength-to-weight ratio, giving them the strength of steel and adding longevity to the wood. Compared to regular building timber, LVL is less prone to shrinking or warping, meaning it can support heavier loads and span greater distances.

More Structurally Consistent:

Wesbeam’s LVL manufacturing process creates finished e-beams and e-joists that have a minimal number of faults or defects. This is because any imperfections are evenly distributed throughout the LVL and reinforced by stronger sections of the wood. LVL timber is a more consistent building material than steel as it has less deflection variation in any one piece. This added consistency means LVL is a more reliable building material for the construction of your project.

Safer and Easier to Use:

Wesbeam’s engineered LVL timber is safer to work with and easier to handle as it is designed to be lighter than standard building timber. Engineered wood beams are also made with smooth edges for less chance of splinters while handling.

Improves Budget Control:

LVL’s manufacturing process means LVL timber is not restricted by log size, allowing LVL to be produced in a variety of shapes based on its intended function. Steel beams need specialist equipment to weld and cut while Wesbeam’s engineered wood beams are easier to saw and connect together. This means less of your budget is spent on unnecessary building costs.

Wesbeam’s LVL is sourced, manufactured and delivered completely in Australia, which means there’s less chance of building material price fluctuations, so you can rely on a consistent supply of e-beam and e-joist for your projects.

One of the Most Sustainable Building Materials on the Market:

Engineered LVL wood has the significant benefit of effectively utilising wood resources. Manufacturing alternative building materials such as steel and concrete have a significantly higher environmental impact than the production of LVL timber products. Wesbeam utilises sustainable practices throughout every aspect of our LVL production. We source the raw wood used from sustainably managed Western Australian forests and use energy efficient practices when processing our sustainable LVL wood products. Timber is also a more sustainable building material because of its renewable and biodegradable properties.

These are just some of the many reasons why LVL timber is the best building material to use on your construction projects. Contact us if you have any further questions on the benefits of LVL and our team will happily assist you.

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