e-beam LVL - The Ultimate Construction Multi-Tool

e-beam LVL is strong, cost effective and sustainable – it’s also surprisingly versatile.


Date: Tuesday 15 Sep 2020

Wesbeam e-beam is an Australian-made LVL with a strength-to-weight ratio higher than timber or steel beams (for the same application), available in lengths up to 13.2m and manufactured from sustainably sourced timbers.

The inherent flexibility of e-beam makes it perfect for a wide range residential framing applications:

  • Floor bearers
  • Floor joists
  • Floor ring beams 
  • Roof strutting beams
  • Ceiling hanging beams 
  • Roof ridge beams 
  • Roof Bressummer Beams 
  • Roof rafters
  • Wall framing (e.g. studs and plates in mid-rise buildings)
  • Wall Lintels
  • Wind beams 
  • Veranda beams 

When it comes to the higher load environments in large residential or commercial applications, e-beam can also be used as:

  • Structural columns | several beams laminated together for commercial or large residential projects
  • Mass beams | several beams laminated together for commercial or large residential projects
  • Mass timber fabrication | box beams, floor cassette systems etc.
  • Other fabricated Tall Timber Building Systems components

For industrial projects, e-beam LVL is also commonly used in place of light-gauge steel purlins which, unlike e-beam, are vulnerable to corrosion when exposed to chlorine used in swimming pools, industrial chemicals or fertilisers.

Available in lengths up to 13.2m and in a range of thicknesses including 35mm, 45mm, 63mm and 75mm with depths from 90mm to 450mm, all Wesbeam products are designed and made to exceed the requirements of all relevant Australian standards.

The Wesbeam team are keen to learn what you’re using e-beam for. Click here and let us know.


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