DeHavilland Apartments

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    Perth, Aus
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    4 levels
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DeHavilland Apartments is a mixed use, medium rise development with an integrated parking structure. The exciting project is currently under construction in Midland, Western Australia where Wesbeam LVL and e-joist forms the primary floor structures in a midrise development for commercial and residential use. The use of 900mm deep e-beam [mass] over the carpark provides support to the floor structures over, and showcases the use of exposed mass timber in a predominantly light-weight timber-framed structure. e-beam [mass] forms part of the Wesbeam ‘Tall Timber Building Systems’ (TTBS) family of design elements, which also includes open and closed floor cassettes, mass and box columns, and mass wall structures.

The building will be the first 4 story, commercial, mixed use timber development in WA. 

Bluerock Projects purchased the property at 12 the Crescent, Midland from the MRA and it was identified as a suitable development site because the MRA were calling for alternative construction methodologies that would be delivered in a timely manner.

The build is being undertaken mostly by Bluerock Projects carpentry team and features the use of of various Wesbeam LVL components, including e-beam, e-beam [mass] and e-joist in the floor and wall structures.

Stuart from Bluerock Projects said that ‘We have chosen to partner with Wesbeam for many reasons, not least of which they share our vision for the future of timber in WA. They share our ‘can do’ attitude to timber which is critical in breaking new ground in the WA construction industry. As a WA based national company, they understand the local construction industry but at the same time can draw on the experience that national exposure gives to the more developed timber construction markets in other states.

Wesbeam have been extremely helpful in offering their support to the engineering process, often providing crucial information to our consultant team. This kind of partnership approach to the documentation and engineering process makes all the difference in forging the progress needed on a project such as this. Where some suppliers interest in their product finishes at the distributor, Wesbeam have the foresight to see that the downstream activity that their product undergoes is not only relevant to their business but critical. In doing so Wesbeam are securing the future of timber in WA through the encouragement of the use of not only their products but the overall use of timber and other alternative materials in the construction process. We look forward to many more projects involving Wesbeam in the future.’ said Stuart.

The DeHavilland Apartments showcases an interior design that is centred around an industrial theme with black accents throughout.  The exposed services such as ducting are offset by crisp clean white surfaces that are expressed by black fixtures such as door handles, light fittings and electrical points. 

The kitchens are either a timber panel with black tops and black accessories or a black panel with concrete style tops with black accessories. The bathrooms will have a marble effect wall tile with black accessories and all tiled floors will be in a concrete style finish throughout. The continuity of fixtures and finishes throughout the building reflect its ‘warehouse / industrial’ style. Industrial style art and interior design finishes to common areas to complete a boutique hotel feeling.

The building exterior will be made up of a combination of standing seam sheet steel, oxidised steel paint finish and oxidised steel accent elements such as mesh screening. The laneway frontage will have landscaping and lighting to make the area more accessible and connect the building with the community.

View the timeline/fly through video created by Wood & Grieve Engineers now part of Stantec below.


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Wesbeam / Stuart Hawley
Wesbeam / Stuart Hawley
Nov 14, 2018