The Truss Joint Shed – Mark 2

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    VIC, Aus
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    In Progress

After a visit to Germany and a WoodSolutions tour, Bruce Wallace, Owner of The Truss Joint was inspired to build a second ‘Timber Portal’ commercial shed for his business. Challenging the traditional construction methods used in Australia and motivated to build it better, Bruce is about to undertake a mass LVL project of his own.

The Truss Joint Shed – Mark 2 as Bruce calls it will be a 1,500m2 Timber Portal Shed. 

Investigating the use of mass LVL columns was one of the first priorities. Why? A major rafter is required to be sandwiched between these columns that will be screwed easily together on site. The structure incorporating two bridge cranes with a weight of around three tonne each would now be completely supported by a double 600 x 75 mass LVL column. 

So now we can be confident that LVL can support large loads, but why timber? we asked Bruce.

‘The research into timber construction amongst other building materials reveals greater sustainability. Low-carbon building materials, like timber will start to help address the issue of climate change and actions that need to take place. Off-site, prefabricated and modular constructions can save time and money whilst research into the health benefits to workers reveals that the presence of wood has an immediate effect on reducing stress. 

Building with timber also connects more with people, and the benefits it provides to my team is a strong sense of calm and wellbeing. Why wouldn’t I try to create an environment that helps my team feel more relaxed?’ Bruce says.

As a partner of Wesbeam for 5 years, working with an Australian owned and made company has been fundamental. 

Bruce continues to say, ‘As an Australian owned company, The Truss Joint considers partnering with suppliers that have similar business values to ours as priority. Wesbeam’s service is always of a high standard and continually deliver on what they promise. Undertaking a project of this size for our business, Wesbeam’s understanding of the mass timber space has been integral to be able to deliver a plan that brings to life our vision.’

The Shed Mark 2 includes a mix of standard and custom sized e-beam using a clear finish. Sizes ranging from 150 x 75mm, 900 x 75mm with varying lengths of 600mm up to 13m will be used.

Situated in Bendigo, central Victoria, the project commenced on the 25th February 2020 with the expected completion date at the end of 2020.

For more information on how to use mass LVL timber in your next construction contact Wesbeam here.  More information on The Truss Joint and their journey can be found here.

  • Slab for Shed
  • Location of Shed
  • Wesbeam Product on Site
  • Wesbeam Product on Site
  • Roof Section Up
  • Birds Eye View of Roof Section
  • Roof Section Up
  • Roof Section Up
  • Progress
  • Progress
  • Progress
  • Roofing Update
  • Exterior Taking Shape
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May 15, 2020