Light timber framed floors are faster, drier and cleaner to construct than concrete floors, and achieve full strength as soon as they are installed.

Light timber framed floors consist of flooring supported on joists or trusses that in turn carry loads to bearers or to walls. They can be either built on site or manufactured as prefabricated cassettes. 

Light timber framed floors are suitable as suspended floors in buildings with two or more storeys. They are also a good option for the ground floor in buildings on sloping sites (to avoid extensive earthworks required for concrete slabs) or for sites with poor foundation materials. 

Plumbing, electrical and air conditioning services can be easily run through the floor systems; either through open webs or by cutting holes in joist webs at designated locations.

LVL is particularly suited for use as bearers, or top and bottom chords in floor trusses. I-beams are cost-effective as floor joists.


Product detaiLS  

  • The most common timber floor systems consist of closely spaced joists supported by beams or walls and covered with strip floorboards or sheet material such as particleboard or plywood. The system is strong and lightweight. 

    Built-on-site floors consist of bearers, joists and flooring, which are delivered to site and constructed by a carpenter. They are commonly used in houses and can easily be modified if required to accommodate misaligned walls or other changes to the house or building design.

    LVL bearers and I-joists provide a cost-effective suspended floor system.

  • Cassette floors are prefabricated floor sections that include flooring, joists or trusses, bracing, and bearing stiffeners that are designed and prefabricated in a factory, delivered to site, and lifted into place with a crane. 

    Lightweight cassette floors are often used in multi storey buildings. They can be designed and manufactured for specific projects; it is possible to manufacture different sizes and shapes, with set-downs for wet areas and specific openings to accommodate services such as air conditioning ducts.

    The main advantages of using floor cassettes is the speed of construction, and once a cassette has been lifted into position, it is immediately available as a working surface.  

    LVL is cost-effective as top and bottom chords in long span floor cassettes.