Proof You Can Rely on Wesbeam

Find out why the Australian building industry can rely on Wesbeam to deliver in a time of uncertainty.


Date: Tuesday 15 Sep 2020

Right now, more than ever, the Australian building industry needs to know that all the products you require will be readily available, in stock locally and delivered on time. If your LVL has to come from overseas, then you might have a problem. However, if you use Wesbeam LVL, supply is guaranteed, and this is why!

Government Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks

Wesbeam LVL is made from renewable, sustainably sourced timbers under a 50-year agreement between Wesbeam and the Western Australian State Government.

Wesbeam timbers are sustainably sourced from Forest Products Commission of WA (FPC), managed in accordance with all legislation, regulations, codes of practice at Federal, State and Local government levels. 

Although the Australian Government does not have a direct role in forest management, it has responsibility for coordinating a national approach to environmental and industry development matters. It is responsible for ensuring that Australia’s international obligations are met, and the provisions of Australian legislation are satisfied. 

Forest management and land allocation of Wesbeam's resource comes under the regulations and guidelines of the Government of Western Australia. With this knowledge and as Australia’s sole manufacturer of laminated veneer timber, Wesbeam only uses locally-grown, sustainably sourced timbers at its $115 million factory near Perth. The raw timber is harvested from sustainable forests primarily managed by the Forest Products Commission and run to strict Commonwealth, State and Local government regulations and guidelines.

Wesbeam has full control over the supply chain and Chain of Custody certification which gives its customers the peace of mind that they can rely on the quality of products and the origin of the timber used in the manufacturing process. Having such a reliable source of timber close at hand means the Wesbeam factory is never idle.

Manufacturing the product is only part of the supply security story. Because Wesbeam is in control of the whole process – from sourcing raw timber to delivering its products across Australia – it’s never dependent on external partners or international market forces. And its customers are quarantined from fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

Anticipating and Responding to Demand

Sophisticated planning and distribution software are programmed to anticipate demand – and Wesbeam’s state-of-the art production facility thinks ahead to make sure it always has plenty of product available. Production timetables can be rescheduled to meet heavy demand for a particular product line, and distribution centres across Australia means local stock is always available wherever its needed.

To speak to Wesbeam in any of our mainland States contact us here.

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