Tiny Homes Appeal To Changing Lifestyles and Need for Affordable Housing

Hangan Construction is a key partner of Wesbeam’s and have truly established themselves in the Australian Tiny Homes market.


Date: Tuesday 10 Mar 2020

Quality builders Hangan Construction have been a key partner of Wesbeam’s for over two years and have truly established themselves in the Australian Tiny Homes market. 

As licensed builders, Hangan Construction designs and manufactures custom built Tiny Homes for the Australian market. This trend is now gaining popularity for those that want to live a life that is simpler, contributes to environmental consciousness, and have the opportunity to cost less than owning your own larger home.  

So why did Hangan Construction enter into building Tiny Homes? Henry Hangan, Sales Manager says ‘Dominique, my sister-in-law always wanted to build a Tiny Home since the TV shows took off in America. Being a building company, we knew that we had the skill set to make it happen. So, we built a display without any expectations and documented the journey on Facebook and Instagram. 

It all took off from there and we now have a dedicated team to the business division of Tiny Homes Australia which builds in excess of fifteen per year, along with gaining thousands of followers on social media.’ 

Wesbeam LVL is an integral part of building these Tiny Homes, as well as contributing to the sustainability of the home overall. The key products used are e-beam, e-joist and lots of e-beam+ [F17] to create a home that is lighter than using steel yet just as strong. Other benefits for the customer include the overall cost savings and quicker build time which is significantly reduced by using LVL.

Henry says that ‘Tiny Homes can weigh up to 4.5 tonnes which is why working with lighter construction products like Wesbeam LVL is key. Due to weight limitations, we make calculated and engineered decisions to minimise weight without minimising the strength or quality of our builds, so that if you want to move it around, it can be towed easily.’ 

As more Australians are embracing the Tiny Homes movement and the freedom that complements the tiny house lifestyle, Hangan Constructions key objective is to ensure that the quality of the build is always high for their customers. They build all Tiny Homes with inspiration from 1684 Building Standards in Australia. This ensures you're getting not only the highest quality build, but that your home is built using trusted Australian products. 

Working with an Australian owned and sourced product with strong customer service like Wesbeam provides Hangan Constructions and its Tiny Homes movement an ongoing advantage. 

More on Hangan Construction Tiny Homes can be found here. If you would like to know how Wesbeam products can help your next build, contact us here.

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