Wesbeam is Australian Owned and Our LVL and I joists are Australian Made

“Australian owned and manufactured”. It’s a proud claim by us, but what does it mean - for our customers and builders?


Date: Wednesday 16 Oct 2019

“Australian owned and manufactured”. It’s a proud claim, but what does it mean - for our customers and builders?

Wesbeam is Australia’s only manufacturer of LVL and I-joist.

We also provide full-service sales, stock and delivery from our own operation centres, which are in each mainland state. We’re in control of the whole process from tree to trade.

Our products begin with sustainably sourced timbers which are managed under strict government guidelines. Then, in our state-of-the art Western Australian manufacturing facility, we utilise our reliable timber supply to produce a full range of engineered wood products; everything from e-beam LVL through to our innovative Wesbeam e-joist.

“Wesbeam sources all of its timber from Western Australian forests, where forestry management standards are some of the world’s best. 

As a result, all Wesbeam products come with Responsible Wood Chain of Custody Certification”. Wesbeam CEO James Malone said.

Wesbeam’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Western Australia operates continuously (24 hours per day, 7 days a week) and produces high-quality LVL and I-joists.

Building a better wood is a highly technical process – but being in control of every stage of the operation – from sourcing of logs, to manufacturing and then the warehousing, selling and delivering our products across the country makes it easier.

James notes what’s unique about Wesbeam:

“Our supply line to the market is highly reliable because we manufacture in Australia.

That also means our prices are protected from exchange rate fluctuations and our supply reliabilty if not affected by changes in LVL and I joist supply and demand across the world.

We’re the only company to produce LVL and LVL I-joists in Australia, which means we can provide ready availability to your company and when this is coupled with our secure supply chain, ensures we can get to you what you need in engineered wood products quickly and efficiently.”

Our customers also have access to Wesbeam’s leading Design Centre – a free, online service that uses our unique e-house software to calculate the most economical use of materials without compromising build quality.

In five days, you’ll receive a full set of working floor plans plus a detailed breakdown of material quantities and costs. No shortages, no wastage and no undersupply and all backed up by our technical hotline and full engineering support.

These are just some of the reasons why buying Australian-manufactured LVL and I joists from Wesbeam, the Australian-owned company makes good business sense.

“In short, buying Wesbeam LVL will help businesses to stay one step ahead of the game, and benefit the environment and the Australian economy at the same time” James said.

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