Tall Timber Building Systems achieve greater structural outcomes in less time using carbon sequestering wood products.

Engineered timber buildings using elements manufactured from Wesbeam LVL offer many benefits, find out more below.

Direct savings
  1.  Cost-effective elements for equivalent performances
  2. Fewer project variations required through early integrated design and prefabrication
  3. Smaller column footprints than concrete
  4. More efficient floor sections compared to other engineered wood products. 
Reduced infrastructure
  1. Less reliance on fixed cranes 
  2. Fewer tradesmen required on site
  3. Reduced preliminaries such as storage areas, scaffolding, site buildings etc.
  4. No floor propping required. 
Improved safety
  1. Reduced OH&S costs; lighter prefabricated elements, no wet trades and no on-site welding 
  2. Larger working platforms with integrated fall protection
  3. Simpler anchoring solutions for working at height 
  4. Reduced Foundations
  5. Lighter above-ground structure (typically 20% that of concrete for the same performance).
Faster delivery
  1. Follow-on trades can start immediately as there’s no curing times or floor propping required 
  2. Reduction of the overall construction program
  3. Building Information Management (BIM)-friendly material that suits prefabrication. 
Lower environmental impact
  1. Less noise, dust, truck movements and site activities 
  2. Timber stores large amounts of CO2 and trees produce oxygen while growing
  3. Research shows timber buildings are beneficial for their occupants’ wellbeing through biophilic design.