Termite Treatment

Wesbeam LVL is glue line treated with a highly effective pesticide that is environmentally benign.

Wesbeam LVL is treated in the glue lines with a pesticide to resist termite attack to Treatment Level e2S (Bifrenthrin Glueline). Wesbeam LVL can also be supplied with H2 LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) treatment suitable for use in H2 Hazard Environments providing protection for above ground indoor applications. H3 LOSP is also available to achieve Treatment Level H3 for use in H3 Hazard environments providing for above ground, external applications.

WoodSolutions provide extensive advice on the preservation of timber and can also provide advice regarding the requirements for the protection of structures from subterranean termites as defined in Part 3.1.3 of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

These requirements apply only to areas where there is a known risk of termite attack to buildings. Tasmania is excluded.



Good risk management practices can help reduce the risk of damage from termite attack on buildings by providing outlines to regulatory and statutory requirements and guidelines to use in the building process. 

Read more about protecting buildings from subterranean termites and download the related publication from WoodSolutions here

Download the Termite Risk Management Handbook from WoodSolutions here