Wesbeam Design’s e-house is a service for engineers, builders and timber merchants. Using Wesbeam’s unique, specially-developed software, e-house creates accurate, detailed and cost-effective plans for building second storey floors with LVL, i-joists or floor cassette systems.

How e-house works.

We start by entering your original plans into the Wesbeam system. Once the whole-of-house details have been entered, e-house cleverly calculates loads from roof through wall to floor to foundations; and checks support at every point. And its ‘What-if ?’ feature trials various configurations to work out the most cost-effective solution. This intelligent load calculation produces a final design which fully optimises the use of materials without compromising build quality.

Once the plans are approved, your Wesbeam supplier arranges delivery of all the necessary materials and fixings to the building site along with a set of detailed, laminated blueprints.

How e-house saves you time and money.

e-house is a free service from Wesbeam and your customised plans are sent to you in just 5 days. Your plans show in detail the most economical way to build the floor and are drawn to your requested specifications.

By using the take-off from the e-house plans, you can be assured that you will be achieving the most cost-effective construction using the minimum necessary materials.

And because exact quantities and sizes of materials are delivered on site – with all the necessary fixings and detailed plans – you can be guaranteed no shortages, oversupply or wastage. Everything you need for the job is in one, fully-comprehensive, flat-packed delivery.

e-house benefits at a glance.

  • Full 2D and 3D whole-of-house plans
  • Intelligent load calculation creates the most-cost effective floor design
  • ‘What if?’ feature compares plans for the best possible solution
  • Plans and estimates supplied in 5 days and guaranteed error-free
  • Full phone and online support from Wesbeam’s technical experts
  • Flat pack delivery of all materials, fixings and detailed plans to site
  • No shortages. No wastage. No oversupply.
  • Save time, money and materials on every job

To release the true power of e-house, builders and designers can get the Wesbeam Design team engaged at the early stages of design to run ‘what-if’s’ on the various design and load transfer options. By conducting this analysis at the outset, builders optimise the cost of construction and minimise unintended outcomes on site.

Try our new e-house service for yourself.

Whether you’re a designer, builder, engineer or timber merchant, we invite you to try the Wesbeam e-house service for yourself. You can send us your latest plans, or perhaps a house you are familiar with to see what savings can be made on an existing design. We’ll input your whole-of-house design into our e-house software and, within five days, provide you with the most cost-effective design, a set of detailed plans and a fully-itemised take-off with an estimate of material costs. And, because the service is completely free, you have nothing to lose.

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