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e-house [WoH] | engineered whole of house software

e-house[WoH] ‘whole of house’ is the only software that integrates and automates all major design elements when specifying and engineering the building components for wood framed structures under Australian conditions.

e-house[WoH] is the only software that tracks loads, both dynamic and static, from ridge to stumps enabling optimization of an integrated framing structure.

Designed to meet the exacting requirements of engineers, architects, drafting and estimating professionals, e-house[WoH] reduces design time and provides efficient solutions for pitching or trussing a roof, framing a floor or bridging an opening.

Our unique software package integrates any or all of the following design functions:

  • Full house design with options
  • Load analysis
  • Stick framed and trussed roofs - Roof and floor framing plans
  • Wall frames
  • Material take-offs

Fully supported by Wesbeam’s technical support and training team, e-house is the last word in ‘whole of house’ - WoH!

To apply for a e-house[WoH] licence - or for more information - email or call (08) 9306 0400.


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