Sustainable Timber Australia

Wesbeam's use of sustainable timber in our LVL product production means customers can rely on quality timber products from a renewable source.

Sustainably managed, natively sourced timber is one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials available. Working with sustainable timber is a renewable building practice because of wood’s regenerative nature. Trees harness the sun’s renewable energy to convert CO2 to carbon-capturing wood fibre and oxygen. A building is capable of being a net carbon store if enough sustainable wood is utilised in its design and construction.

Timber is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Wesbeam is the only LVL and I-joist manufacturer in Australia, so we make it a priority to source sustainable timber for our products. We have full control over our supply chain which allows us to guarantee the supply of sustainable timber to our customers.

This is why all of our LVL timber products have full Responsible Wood Chain of Custody Certification, which ensures the use of sustainable wood in our manufacturing. Wesbeam's use of sustainable timber materials means our customers can rely on the quality of our products and the origin of the timber used in our manufacturing process.