Sustainable Forests

Wesbeam’s timber is sourced from sustainable forests, benefiting people and our environment

By sourcing timber from sustainable forests Wesbeam ensures our forests are productive and healthy for future generations.

At Wesbeam, we only use timber sourced from sustainably-managed forests to manufacture all our LVL products. This renewable resource governed by strict environmental controls ensures our forests are kept productive and healthy for future generations. 

Harvesting timber from sustainable forests benefits both people and our environment. People need forests for the resources they provide; and as a place to live or to make a living. Sustainable forestry ensures future generations will have forests to meet their needs and values.

And at the environmental level, sustainable forests make an important contribution to carbon sequestration and the conservation of water, soil and biodiversity.

Our timber is sourced from sustainable forests primarily managed by the Forest Products Commission (FPC) and certified to Australian Standards aligned with Responsible Wood Certification Scheme for environmental, social and economic sustainability.