Tall Timber Building Systems

Wesbeam Tall Timber Building Systems

Wesbeam Tall Timber Building Systems is a division of Wesbeam with a national focus on developing efficient engineered timber solutions in conjunction with building design professionals, prefabricators and builders.

Wesbeam Tall Timber Building Systems provide a range of high performing structural LVL solutions for multi-residential and commercial applications specifically for Australian conditions. Wesbeam’s LVL has many advantages over traditional building products, including its uniformity of engineering properties, its high strength to weight ratio, and its availability in longer lengths. Design solutions using LVL can be created independently or in conjunction with participants in the Wesbeam Design Professional Partner Program and the Wesbeam Fabricator Partner Program for all Australian building classes in low, mid and high-rise construction.

Wesbeam Tall Timber Building Systems comprise a range of element types that can be combined to construct almost any building type or form using the strengths of LVL in a system-based approach to construction. Efficient structural solutions can be created using the various elements through a step-by-step Element Select process creating the optimal combination of Wesbeam Tall Timber Buildings System elements based on building typology and form. Building elements that form the horizontal components of a structure, such as floors and beams, are defined as Horizontal Structural Elements (abbreviated to HZ). There are three distinct types of HZ elements including Cassette Floors (HZ1), Mass Floors (HZ2) and Box Beams (HZ3). Building Elements that form the vertical components of a structure, such as structural wall frames and columns, are defined as Vertical Structural Elements (abbreviated to VT). There are six distinct types of VT elements including Structural Wall Frames (VT1), Hollow Columns (VT2), Mass Columns (VT3), Mass Wall Panels (VT4), Post-Tensioned Wall Panels (VT5) and a Structural Diagrid (VT6).

For more information contact Dr David Bylund who leads the Tall Timber Building Systems team at david.bylund@wesbeam.com or (03) 8340 0405.

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