Tech Hotline | 1300 356 460

Free, fast support from Wesbeam’s technical team

Introducing our new Tech Hotline 

With so many products in the Wesbeam range, there’s bound to be one that’s just right for the job. But which one? Our new, improved Tech Hotline can answer this – and many other questions – quickly and easily so you can provide on-the-spot advice to your customers and clients.

Most times we can give you an instant answer, but for complex projects, we may need more information via email. The details of every call and project are logged so you can resume a conversation at any time.

Available weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm EST,  the Tech Hotline gives you direct access to a Wesbeam technical expert.

What can you ask us?

You can ask us anything but the most frequently-asked questions are:

What’s the Tech Hotline number?

You can reach the Wesbeam technical team on 1300 356 460 on weekdays between 9am and 5pm EST. It’s a free service.

When should I use the Tech Hotline?

Anytime you need to know more about a Wesbeam product and its application.

For example:

  • Which product type and size is best for a project?
  • Which product would you recommend for a particular application?  
  • How do I cut or paint a Wesbeam product?
  • Can you send me more detailed technical information about your products?             
Can you send me documentation supporting your recommendations?

Once we receive proof of purchase for a Wesbeam product based on our advice, we can supply supporting technical documentation such as engineering or design certification, or outputs from our in-house software programs.