Tech Hotline | 1300 356 460

Fast, free support from Wesbeam’s technical team

Helping you to get the job done faster

When you're chasing information on a Wesbeam product you're using, or planning to use, you can help us to help you faster by noting down the: 1) application 2) span, and 3) load applied to the Wesbeam product before you phone.

Which Wesbeam product is right for my project? Can I confidently cut or drill the Wesbeam product in my structure? What timber treatment level should I be using? Our Tech Hotline team can answer these – and many other questions – quickly and easily.

Available weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm EST, the Tech Hotline gives you direct access to a Wesbeam technical expert.

What can you ask us?

You can ask us anything but the most frequently-asked questions are:

What’s the Tech Hotline number?

You can reach the Wesbeam technical team on 1300 356 460 on weekdays between 9am and 5pm EST. It’s a free service.

When should I use the Tech Hotline?

Anytime you need to know more about a Wesbeam product and its application.

For example:

  • Which product type and size is best for a project?
  • Which product would you recommend for a particular application?  
  • How do I cut or paint a Wesbeam product?
  • Can you send me more detailed technical information about your products?             
Can you send me documentation supporting your recommendations?

Once we receive proof of purchase for a Wesbeam product based on our advice, we can supply supporting technical documentation such as engineering or design certification, or outputs from our in-house software programs.