Hole Creation - Quick Reference

A handy reference guide to cutting service holes in e-joist

Under no circumstances are the flanges to be cut or drilled. Holes for the installation of ducts, service pipes and electrical conduit may be cut through e-joist webs with the following limitations.

  1. In general, larger holes should be positioned closer to mid-span
  2. Minimum spacing between holes must be at least 300mm or twice the diameter or length of the largest opening
  3. 40mm diameter holes can be drilled anywhere within the web provided they are a minimum of 300mm centres apart
  4. A maximum of three holes per span. Holes less than 75mm can be excluded from this total
  5. It is recommended that the position of square, rectangular and round holes be at the mid-height of the joist. The minimum edge clearance from the top and bottom LVL flange is 5mm
  6. All holes to be cut carefully. Do not overcut
  7. Do not cut, notch, plane or drill into flanges
  8. Web hole locations can be interpolated for intermediate spans.