COVID-19 Updates

Commitment to Supply Security & Price Stability.

Messages from Wesbeam CEO, James Malone

31st July 2020 - Price Hold Extension

As Australia’s only LVL and I-joist manufacturer, Wesbeam is committed to supporting the Australian residential construction market through the challenging COVID-19 affected economic period.

As part of that commitment, and in response to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 virus, we had advised a ‘no price increase period’ in early April.

However, due to the continuing outbreaks of COVID-19 in Victoria and New South Wales and the uncertainty that has caused, we have decided to extend the ‘no price increase’ guarantee for all Wesbeam residential LVL and I-joist products from October 1st to January 1st 2021 to support the Australian residential construction market.

That means there will be no price increase on any Wesbeam residential LVL or I-joist products before January 1st, 2021.

We hope the extension of our price guarantee will assist you to work with added certainty given the economic impact caused by the COVID-19 virus.

We are pleased to confirm that we have maintained full stock levels of our residential LVL and I-joist products at each of our large state distribution centres.

Our high level of state-based stocks are supported by significant back-up stocks held at our world scale manufacturing facility, which operates 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, our Regional Managers or any of our state team members for the supply of our LVL and I-joists during this difficult time.


James Malone | CEO
M: 0418 920 881

28th May 2020 - Price Hold Extension

As we all navigate changes brought about by COVID-19 within our community and our country I want to confirm that Wesbeam’s supply of our LVL and I-joists is secure, as you are purchasing your products from the only Australian manufacturer.

As the only Australian LVL and I-joist manufacturer we are insulated from exchange rate fluctuations and our supply reliability is not affected by changes in world supply.

As well, being local like you, our on-time delivery is protected from the variable and costly international freight services to Australia.

We have operated our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility 24/7 over the period of the crisis and have continued to despatch our products to our large warehouses which are based in each mainland state.

In March we announced a 4-month price hold guarantee with no price increases before 1st August 2020. As part of our continuing commitment to our industry, we advise that our guarantee of no price increase is extended until not before October 1st, 2020. We hope the extension of our price hold guarantee will enable you to work with added certainty as we all recover from the COVID-19 period.

We look forward to continuing to service your needs as our country starts the recovery from the effects of COVID-19 and work with you to ensure Australian jobs are returned in full within our housing and commercial construction industries.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, our Regional Managers or any one of our state teams to see if we can assist your business in the supply of LVL and I-joists to our Australian construction industries.

James Malone | CEO
M: 0418 920 881

23rd April 2020

As the only Australian manufacturer of LVL and LVL I-joists we’re committed to providing you with supply security and price stability.

Our world class factory in Perth operates 24/7 to service your needs.

We manufacture our high quality LVL and I-joist products from WA sustainably sourced wood.

We stock our products in our warehouses in each mainland state capital.

Our team supply you the products and service your needs.

Everywhere in Australia Wesbeam is with you.

We manufacture and sell in Australian dollars, insulated from fluctuating exchange rates and variable overseas supply lines.

In purchasing our first class, price competitive, locally produced and fully supported products you deliver real value to your business and the lives of other Australians.

We are ready and available to serve you now in these uncertain times - as only a world class Australian manufacturer can.

Please don’t hesitate to call me or any of our state offices.

James Malone | CEO
M: 0418 920 881

1st April 2020

Wesbeam is Australia’s only LVL and I-joist manufacturer and with our Capital City distribution centres, Design Centre and sales teams, we’re uniquely placed to support Australian Builders.

Our world class factory in Perth operates 24/7 and we’re ready and able to substantially increase LVL and I-joist supply to our customers. Wesbeam’s Design Centre generates floor systems working drawings and quotes in 5 working days or less, using our ‘ridge-to-slab' e-house design software.

Not only do we provide next day delivery on 99.2% of orders received before 12pm, we manufacture and sell in Australian dollars, insulated from volatile exchange rates and inflated shipping costs. This enables Wesbeam to provide price stability during a time of great uncertainty.

Australian builders have enough unknowns to deal with and it’s time for Australian manufacturers like Wesbeam to offer supply security and price stability - and we are!

25th March 2020

At the directive of the Premier of Western Australia WA borders are currently closed to non-essential travel.

This does not include and will not affect the dispatch of Wesbeam product to our Capital City distribution centres or to our customers.

Wesbeam and Wesbeam’s long-term freight partners are committed to maintaining Wesbeam’s industry-leading on-time delivery performance.

When an order is placed with a Wesbeam DC before midday, in 99.2% of instances, it will be delivered the very next day.

As Australia’s only manufacturer of LVL products, we are focused on supporting your business with reliable and consistent on-time delivery.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

James Malone | CEO
M: 0418 920 881

Peter Board | Regional Manager - VIC/TAS/SA/NT/WA
M:0427 258 123

Adam Longmore | Regional Manager - NSW/ACT/QLD
M: 0419 373 093

19th March 2020

Wesbeam is the only Australian manufacturer of LVL products and in these uncertain times we acknowledge the responsibility that comes with our position. 
Our manufacturing facility continues to operate effectively and efficiently, with available stock levels of all products right now around Australia.  
Wesbeam’s Australian manufacturing and support underpins our commitment to providing on-time, in-full supply security to the Australian construction industry.
Please contact us to find out more.