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Both Wesbeam and the building industry benefit from the specialised industry knowledge of our long-term employees. Not only do we encourage all employees to work together to improve processes and procedures, but we're advocates for professional and personal growth too.

We’re always looking for team members to grow with us. If career progression and ongoing education appeals to you, register your interest for the job roles below and when a position becomes available we’ll be in touch.

Grow with Wesbeam

Looking for a career that allows you to learn new skills, encourages training and challenges and has rewarding benefits? Look no further.

Training begins on your first day with an induction and a comprehensive overview of the company and what we achieve. You are guaranteed to walk into your new career with confidence in the safety guidelines, procedures and collective end goal.

Wesbeam invests in people and will provide you with plenty of opportunities to grow. With several traineeships, apprenticeships and graduate roles on offer, we are always looking for the next generation to help us grow.

Start building your Wesbeam career today.


How do I apply for a job at Wesbeam?

Wesbeam has five hi-tech locations around the nation including a state-of-the-art factory located just 40km from the Perth CBD. We hire for a range of valuable roles at the following locations:

  • Neerabup, WA;
  • Brendale, QLD;
  • St Mary's, NSW;
  • Dandenong, VIC; and
  • Dry Creek, SA.

Find your next employment opportunity on our search & apply page here.

There are no vacant roles available that I qualify for, can I still express my interest in joining Wesbeam?

Of course, we are always searching for new talent! Please complete our expression of interest form to be added to our talent pool. Our talent pool reserves applications for review when a vacant role becomes available. If your application is considered successful for a new vacancy, Wesbeam will contact you via email or phone call to determine if you are interested in the role.

What does the recruitment and selection process look like?
  1. If your application for a vacant role is successful, you will be contacted via phone call or email to be invited to an interview.
  2. Once successful in the interview stage, you will be contacted via email to provide the compliance documents required for the position. These can include your proof of rights to work in Australia, qualifications, clearances, licences and references.
  3. For your safety, Wesbeam conducts pre-employment medical assessments for the majority of our roles. You will be contacted by email to request your availability to attend a pre-employment medical and Wesbeam will book the medical assessment to suit your schedule. These pre-employment medical assessments are paid for by Wesbeam.
  4. You will be contacted by phone call or email to be advised of the outcome of your application.

At any time during the recruitment and selection process you would like an update on your application, you are encouraged to contact with your enquiry.

How do I know if I am being considered for a position?

Our recruitment team will contact you via a phone call or email when you have been shortlisted for the vacancy you applied for. You will be invited to interview with our management team and walked through the screening process.

The response times may vary depending on the vacancy and the number of applicants to be reviewed.


If I am unsuccessful, can I re-apply?

We encourage everyone to apply for our vacancies, even if you were not successful with your Wesbeam career previously. It can take time to find the right role for you and your skills.

How does Wesbeam encourage Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within their culture?

Wesbeam is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from all qualified applicants.

No matter who you are, Wesbeam encourages diversity, equity and inclusion by welcoming individuals from all backgrounds to apply for our vacant roles. We select our candidates based on the selection criteria specifically outlined in our job advertisements and we establish a large selection panel to avoid bias and discrimination in our selections.

We recognise that every individual brings a unique set of skills and experience to the workplace. Wesbeam is committed to providing a welcoming work environment where everyone is treated fairly, respected, and encouraged.

How are employees supported at Wesbeam?

Wesbeam understands that our most valuable asset is our employees and supports all staff in their careers. Training opportunities, education support, flexible work environments and traineeships will help ensure you are successful at your job.

Wesbeam offers flexibility when it comes to work hours and shift work. With flexible hours, work from home and shift work our family-friendly hours ensure your career with us fits in with your lifestyle.

Financial wellness is a benefit not many companies strive for, however here at Wesbeam, we understand that our employees want security when it comes to their finances! Wesbeam completes annual salary reviews for all our staff to ensure we are offering a competitive salary above market rate.

At Wesbeam, we understand the pressures you can face whilst you work towards career goals and how your private life may affect your ability to focus on work. That is why we offer a free wellbeing program including discounted health insurance, accessibility to counselling, and personalised workout programs to support your mental, financial, and physical well-being.

How does Wesbeam contribute to career growth and development?

Throughout your career with Wesbeam, you will be offered the opportunity to attend or request training opportunities that grow and develop your hard and/or soft skills. Wesbeam offers education support for our employees to expand their qualifications at TAFE or university and offers additional support through flexible working arrangements so that you can sustainably attain your career goals.

With our open-door policy and advocation for personal and professional growth, you can be sure that you are in charge of your Wesbeam career.

How does Wesbeam promote safety and well-being?

You can be assured that Wesbeam meets the highest international standards for workplace health and safety. Wesbeam is certified to the international Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Standard ISO 45001:2018, meaning we regularly meet OH&S mandates.

The safety of our employees is our number one priority and is strongly supported by the company’s culture backed by our leading Safety team.

I would like to withdraw my application, who can I contact?

Wesbeam understands that your circumstances can change. If you would like to withdraw an application, please email with your request.