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  • Floor Systems

    Wesbeam is the home of technical excellence and our LVL floor systems are lightweight and easy to install. Find everything you need to know about our LVL floor systems here.

  • Design

    Free floor system design from the Wesbeam Design Centre

  • Penetrations

    We design for and cut penetrations

  • Connectors

    Wesbeam and MiTek collaborate to provide the best connections

  • Manufacture

    The only Australian manufacturer of I-joists

Why Choose a Wesbeam Floor System?

Wesbeam is Australia’s only LVL and LVL I-Joist manufacturer and distributor, with a world class factory in Perth that supply’s via our distribution centre network across Australia.

Wesbeam is uniquely positioned to offer supply security and price stability. Our guaranteed Australian timber resource, world-scale plant and highly competent team, ensures you will get what you need, when you need it!  We have the capacity to supply you to ensure our Australian sourced and manufactured product gets to you as quickly as possible across the country.

Wesbeam’s Design Centre is widely acknowledged for providing the leading floor frame design and technical support service to builders, engineers, timber merchants and frame & truss fabricators.

In the last two years we have increased the production of e-joist by 180% to reduce lead times for our customers. Wesbeam floor systems are lightweight and easy to install. Having a local team of engineers on the ground means that we can answer your questions asnd supply technical information throughout the entire process.

Our optimised design process delivers more for less so you can deliver your project on time and on budget.

Learn more about our Floor Systems below, including technical information, helpful installation videos and more about our Design Centre service.

Our Tech Hotline gives you direct access to a Wesbeam technical expert and provides on-the-spot advice. Alternatively call our Sales Support today for all lead time and order enquiries.

Wesbeam has partnered with home builders throughout Australia. A supply agreement with Wesbeam ensures the builder is using Australian-manufactured LVL and I-Joists for their floor systems. Find out more on our Partnerships with Builders page.

Tech Hotline | 1300 356 460

Free, fast support from Wesbeam’s technical team. Available weekdays from 9am to 5pm EST,  our Tech Hotline gives you direct access to a Wesbeam technical expert and provides on-the-spot advice.

Contact us today

Our Floor System Product Family

  • e-joist is the premier I-joist product available in Australia.

    e-joist combines the latest engineered wood technology with LVL to create a floor joist that's lightweight, straight and strong and available in lengths up 13.2m. Manufactured from LVL and oriented strand board (OSB), e-joist has a similar strength as a solid LVL beam of the same size but uses much less wood, making it lighter and easier to handle. 

    Service holes can easily be cut through the 9.5mm OSB web with the assistance of the e-joist design guide. The Wesbeam Design Centre offers a floor design and quote service for Wesbeam customers. We have the only 3D timber software with whole-of-house load tracing capability.

    Flange Width (mm)Depth (mm)
       200 240265 300
    45ej20045ej24045             ej30045
    63 ej24063ej26563ej30063
    90 ej24090ej26590ej30090
    NOTE: e‑joist sizes marked with an * are not available in all Australian States. Check with your local Wesbeam office or approved Wesbeam distributor for available stock sizes.
  • e-beam is an Australian-made LVL engineered from sustainably sourced timbers for Australian construction conditions. With longer lengths and a strength-to-weight ratio higher than timber or steel beams for the same application can often eliminates the time and cost of crane hire. 

    e-beam is designed and made to exceed the requirements of all relevant Australian standards.

    e-beam LVL has many advantages over traditional building products, including its uniformity of engineering properties. Available in lengths up to 13.2m and in a range of thicknesses including 35mm, 45mm, 63mm and 75mm with depths from 90mm to 450mm.

    Depth (mm)Thickness (mm)Length Availability

    Available lengths up to 13.2m

    See e-beam Design Brochure for further detail.

  • Wesbeam works in partnership with MiTek to provide connectors of the highest standard.

    MiTek JoistHangers provide a cost and time efficient way to fasten:

    • e-joist to e-beam LVL perimeter beams
    • e-beam to e-beam

    Wesbeam stocks MiTek e-joist JoistHangers for Face Mount and Top Mount:

    • Flange width: 45*, 63 and 90mm
    • Beam depth: 200*, 240, 300 and 360mm

    *available in Face Mount only

    MiTek LVL hangers to compliment e-beam LVL section sizes most commonly used in floor systems:

    • 90x45
    • 150x45
    • 200x45
    • 240x45

    MiTek Split Hangers to compliment e-beam LVL section sizes and multi-ply use most commonly used in floor systems:

    • SPH 140 
    • SPH 180
    • SPH 220
  • Wesbeam stocks a variety of non Wesbeam manufactured products providing the carpenter with the full kit of parts. Open the Wesbeam wrapping and follow the clear instructiuons on the Design Centre working drawings.

    Ancillary products include:

    • MiTek I-joist hangers
    • Glulam beams
    • Rimboard
    • Web stiffeners
    • MGP10 pine
    • Particleboard T&G floor sheet
    • Compressed fibre cement sheet
    • Adhesive
    • Protectadeck - veranda joist moisture barrier
  • e-joist floor system
  • e-joist floor system
  • e-joist floor system
  • e-joist floor system
  • e-joist floor system
  • e-joist floor system
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