Why Work at Wesbeam?

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Here at Wesbeam we are committed to a welcoming work culture that provides equal opportunity for employment and advancement for all. 

Wesbeam prides itself on its company objectives to be ethical, be best and provide an enjoyable working environment for all.  We provide equal opportunity for employment and advancement for everyone, no matter who you are, you belong at Wesbeam.

We have developed one of the world’s best high-performance teams which thrives on efficiency, productivity and safe work practices. We aim to provide our employees with secure employment, attractive benefits and a voice in the workplace.

During the last few years, Wesbeam has adapted our working style to ensure safety and job security for all employees. Flexible hours, working from home capabilities and family-friendly hours allows our staff to maintain the company’s core culture of family values, be supportive of each other and enjoy coming to work.

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Employee benefits

National Australian owned company
Good work-life balance
A competitive salary
Challenges and opportunities
Strong family culture
Family friendly hours
Flexible schedules and working from home
Professional and personal development
Paid time off (PTO)



of Wesbeam employees have been with us for over 10 years.


of Wesbeam employees identify as female.


of national employees work shift work hours


How do I apply for a job at Wesbeam?

Find your next employment opportunity on our search & apply page here. 

How can I get in touch?

If you are successful in your application for a vacant role, our recruitment team will contact you via phone call or email. Please feel free to forward any questions or your expression of interest to human.resources@wesbeam.com.

How does Wesbeam support me in balancing work and family?

Wesbeam offers flexibility when it comes to work hours and shift work. With flexible hours, work from home and shift work our family-friendly hours ensure your career with us fits in with your lifestyle.

What does the recruitment and selection process look like?
  1. If your application for a vacant role is successful, you will be contacted via phone call or email to be invited to an interview.
  2. Once successful in the interview stage, you will be contacted via email to provide the compliance documents required for the position. These can include your proof of rights to work in Australia, qualifications, clearances, licences and references.
  3. For your safety, Wesbeam conducts pre-employment medical assessments for the majority of our roles. You will be contacted by email to request your availability to attend a pre-employment medical and Wesbeam will book the medical assessment to suit your schedule. These pre-employment medical assessments are paid for by Wesbeam.
  4. You will be contacted by phone call or email to be advised of the outcome of your application.

At any time during the recruitment and selection process you would like an update on your application, you are encouraged to contact human.resources@wesbeam.com with your enquiry

How does Wesbeam encourage Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within their culture?

No matter who you are, Wesbeam encourages diversity, equity and inclusion by welcoming individuals from all backgrounds to apply for our vacant roles. We select our candidates based on the selection criteria specifically outlined in our job advertisements and we establish a large selection panel to avoid bias and discrimination in our selections.

I would like to withdraw my application, who can I contact?

Wesbeam understands that your circumstances can change. If you would like to withdraw an application, please email human.resources@wesbeam.com with your request.