Fire Test Reports

Wesbeam and industry related fire test reports

View and download Wesbeam's fire test reports below, and find links to industry reports that are regularly updated. Typically, these reports relate to requirements of the National Construction Code – Building Code of Australia.

Wesbeam Fire Rated Floor/Ceiling Systems

These reports provide the “Evidence of Suitability” to enable Wesbeam product to be used as part of a 90/90/90 or 120/120/120 fire-rated floor/ceiling system. 

WoodSolutions Fire Test Reports

Click "VIEW REPORTS" below to view all of the latest WoodSolutions Fire Test Reports, including:

Fire Hazard Properties

  • Critical Radiant Flux (CRF) Performance of Solid Timber (12mm min. thickness ) and Plywood (15mm min. thickness)
  • Timber floor, Wall and Ceiling Linings (19mm min. thickness)
  • Solid timber Wall and Ceiling Linings (9mm min. thickness)
  • Plywood for Use as Internal Wall and Ceiling Linings (6mm min. thickness)
  • Timber Veneers on Standard MDF and Particleboard Substrates

Fire-Resisting Construction

Fire Resistant Performance

  • Various MRTFC Roof and Wall Junctions in Fire Resistant Wall Construction
  • Timber Framed Walls Lined With Plasterboard
  • MRTFC Wall Floor Junctions

Fire Resistance Level (FRL)

  • Resistance to the Incipient Spread of Fire (RISF) and Modified Resistance to the Incipient Spread of Fire (MRISF) performance of Various Timber-framed and Massive Timber Panel Systems
  • Timber-framed Floor/Ceiling Systems Incorporating Timber and Metal Web Floor Trusses or Various Engineered Joists