Trend Connection Homes

David Sims, General Manager of Trend Connection Homes talks about their relationship with Wesbeam and how the Supply Agreement has worked for them.

Trend Connection Homes

David Sims | General Manager

Trend Connection Homes has a Supply Agreement with Wesbeam ensuring a consistent supply of Wesbeam LVL and I-joist via Trend Connection’s timber merchants and frame & truss suppliers.  David Sims, General Manager provided insight on how partnering with Wesbeam has benefited their business.

“With over 10 years in the industry, Trend Connection Homes builds around 220 homes per year.

We’ve had a supply agreement with Wesbeam for over 7 years but have been using Wesbeam and its floor system products prior to signing.

Wesbeam is a great Australian company that works with us. We are updated on current market forecasts and informed on factory and supply developments regularly.

When Covid landed, and frame and truss manufacturers had lengthy delays in supply, we worked with Wesbeam to solve supply issues together. Wesbeam have always gone out of their way to assist us. When a product is not available when we need it, the team always finds a solution to meet our requirements. We have a strong and positive relationship with the team to achieve our business needs.

Wesbeam is Australian made. It’s a massive focus for us. Whilst others import, the money stays right here in Australia by working with Wesbeam.

We also use the expertise of the engineering team at the Design Centre for our floor systems.  Our process is quite simple. We send plans to the Wesbeam engineers to provide the best solution that works for us. We then send our designs to our structural engineer to work on the steel requirements. We do not double up on supply, which provides the best efficiencies saving us time and money. The carpenters prefer working with the product as they can work quickly and get onto the next build quicker.

We have no hesitation in continuing our supply agreement with Wesbeam. There is no reason to change.”

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