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Oscar McPhee, Procurement Category Manager at ABN Group Victoria, sheds light on the advantages his company has gained through its partnership with Wesbeam.

ABN Group VIC - Building Excellence with Wesbeam
Oscar McPhee | Procurement Category Manager

Wesbeam sat recently with Oscar McPhee, Procurement Category Manager at ABN Group Victoria, where he shares their experience of why they signed a builder agreement and have chosen to partner with Wesbeam over the past 6 years. ABN Group Victoria and Wesbeam have recently renewed this partnership, further evidencing the strength in the relationship. 

“ABN Group Victoria has flourished into one of the Victoria’s leading residential builders. With our two builder brands, Homebuyers Centre and Boutique Homes, we deliver approximately 2,000 homes annually across Metro Melbourne and Regional Victoria. Wesbeam has been an integral part of our success story, working seamlessly with our wholesale partner VTW Australia in conjunction with our frame and truss manufacturer partners to support our requirements with LVL and I-Joist floor systems.

The builder agreement we have in place with Wesbeam is pivotal to ensure the consistent delivery of products that meet the demands of our industry. What sets Wesbeam apart is not just their product excellence but the commitment to building a strong, long-term partnership. Wesbeam aligns perfectly with our objective of fostering strong partnerships with our suppliers.

One of the standout features of our partnership is the remarkable supply chain stability Wesbeam has provided, particularly evident over the last three years. This stability is a testament to Wesbeam's commitment to reliability, which stands out compared to other areas of the building supply chains.

Regular forecasting and material requirements supplied to them are crucial components of our partnership, allowing Wesbeam to strategically plan for stock provision without surprises.

Wesbeam's commitment to providing a consistent and secure supply chain, as well as being Australia’s only LVL manufacturer, distributing products that meet or exceed Australian Standards has been pivotal in our successful partnership. It is not just about the product; it's about their commitment to excellence, reliability, and building a partnership that benefits everyone involved.”

Oscar McPhee
Procurement Category Manager
ABN Group Victoria

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