e-portal Overview

e-portal - Intuitive, intelligent and quick - to help you win more business in less time

Wesbeam’s Design Centre is a free, online service for registered customers. Submit a design for any residential timber-framed project and you’ll receive a full set of working drawings plus a detailed breakdown of material quantities and costs.

Now, our new Design Centre e-portal makes it easier than ever to lodge your plans with our Design Centre experts as it guides you step-by-step through all the information we need to give you the most cost-effective and accurate response first time.

The more you use it, the easier it gets.

Once you’ve registered your details on the Design Centre e-portal, it will remember you every time you log in. Each time you create a new design specification, you can name and save it allowing you to easily recall it from your archive, amend a few details and resubmit for a quick quote on a similar job. 

How is works.

  • Once you have submitted your project details, they are allocated to one of our senior estimators who’ll let you know their contact details for any questions you may have and when you’ll receive your plans.
  • Your design specification is then mapped into our unique Wesbeam e-house software, which conducts a full dynamic and static load trace from roof to foundations through every structural element and connection.
  • We also trial ‘What if..?’ configurations to work out the most cost-effective solution. Intelligent load calculation produces a final design, which fully optimises the use of materials without compromising build quality. 
  • Your personal estimator will then send you a full set of working drawings plus a detailed breakdown of material quantities and costs. 
  • Design Centre layouts are specified to meet all relevant Australian Standards and BCA requirements.

Try the Design Centre e-portal for your next project.

Every Wesbeam customer with an active Wesbeam account number will be approved as a Design Centre e-portal customer. Head here to register for access to use the e-portal.

If you don't currently have an active Wesbeam account number, you can still submit plans through one of our resellers. Contact your local Wesbeam Distribution Centre to find a Wesbeam reseller near you.