Our Philosophy

Why Wesbeam?

It's the question 'why Wesbeam?' that guides our thinking and actions.


Be best 

Wesbeam is a passionate advocate for the world’s most remarkable, renewable, carbon sequestering resource – wood. We believe that our products and services should make a difference to the affordability of housing and the quality of living in Australia. We recognise the extraordinary opportunity and responsibility afforded to an Australian manufacturer in the age of continuously improving technology - to use less of the world's resources and achieve more.

Doing more with less is core to everything we do. Delivering high quality Australian manufactured products on time, with excellence in service and support. Providing more structurally efficient building materials with less wood fibre, less energy consumption and in less time. Offering a design service focused on minimising the material cost and time of construction. Collaborating with like-minded businesses in our industry and sharing what we learn with our customers.

That’s what we mean by ‘be best’, that’s what ‘building better wood’ means to us.

Be ethical

We know we’re not perfect, but that doesn’t stop us from always seeking to conduct ourselves with respect within our team, and with our customers and suppliers and to honour our handshake and word. 

We seek to be upfront with both good news and with any issues, so you can trust us with your business. 

We aim to ensure by our conduct that we are your preferred partner tomorrow, next week, next year and are still your preferred EWP partner in twenty-five years.