Design Centre FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about the Wesbeam Design Centre

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What’s so special about the Wesbeam Design Centre service?

Wesbeam e-house [whole of house] is the only software in Australia that traces the dynamic and static loads from ridge to stump, through every load bearing beam and through every connection point to ensure maximum design efficiency within the customers specification and all relevant Australian standards. By putting e-house software in the hands of Australia’s leading residential estimators, the Wesbeam Design Centre delivers a rapid turnaround service that minimises construction time and cost of materials.

How do I submit a plan to Wesbeam?

If you have a Wesbeam account number you can send your plans to We will then send you an ETA for your layouts, quantities and quoted price and provide you with the contact details for the Design Centre Senior Estimator allocated to your job.

What technical support can I expect from Wesbeam?

Design Centre layouts are specified to meet all relevant Australian Standards and BCA requirements. Wesbeam offers assistance with beam sizing and direct contact with the Design Centre Senior Estimator allocated to your job. In addition, for larger or multi-residential projects, the Wesbeam engineering team are available for project review and recommendations.

Are Wesbeam plans engineer certified?

The Wesbeam Design Centre is an industry expert in the design in lightweight timber floor framing. Our service is not a substitute for a consulting engineer appointed by the builder.

After placing your order with the Wesbeam Design Centre, we can on request supply you with the relevant state compliance certificate. Wesbeam does not certify commercial buildings and all commercial buildings will require certification by the consulting engineer.

What is the extent of the Design Centre offer. In addition to floor systems do you design roof trusses and wall frames?

The Design Centre is focused on providing Australia’s best design service of residential engineered timber floor systems. The service includes details for connections, deck framing and flooring, stick roof framing except for WA and SA. The Design Centre is also increasingly engaged in the high level structural engineering of commercial lightweight framing and mass timber structures.

Who can I call if I have questions about a Wesbeam layout?

The contact details of your Design Centre Senior Estimator are located in the title box of every layout. You can also phone 1300 356 460 to contact a Design Centre representative.

How do I register to become a Design Centre customer?

Every Wesbeam customer with a Wesbeam account number is automatically approved as a Design Centre customer.

How do I access Design Centre services if I am not a Design Centre customer?

If you are not a current Wesbeam customer with a Wesbeam account number you can still submit plans through a reseller of Wesbeam products. If you do not have an account with a Wesbeam reseller, contact your local Wesbeam distribution centre to find a Wesbeam reseller near you.