Supply of sustainable plantation timber and legislative frameworks

Wesbeam LVL products are made from renewable, sustainable plantation timber.

Trees can be grown in a comparatively short time - between 25 and 50 years for softwood peeler logs - and then harvested for use in a range of timber products. New trees can then be re-grown providing a sustainably-managed process for production. 

Government legislative & regulatory frameworks

Wesbeam Maritime, Radiata pine and Karri are mainly sourced from Forest Products Commission of WA (FPC) plantations and grown and managed in accordance with all legislation, regulations, codes of practice and other mechanisms at Federal, State and Local government levels. 

Although the Australian Government does not have a direct role in forest management, it has responsibility for coordinating a national approach to environmental and industry development matters, and is responsible for ensuring that Australia’s international obligations are met, and provisions of Australian legislation are satisfied. 

Responsibility for forest management and land allocation is predominantly undertaken under strict regulations and guidelines by the States and Territories.