LVL Applications

Wesbeam products can be drilled and routed with ease and used to replace larger timber section sizes, steel or concrete

Wesbeam products are typically treated to Wesbeam’s e2S as a minimum, whilst products used north of the Tropic of Capricorn are treated to H2 and products specified for external applications are specified to H3.

Our engineered timber products are manufactured to meet the specific needs of the residential and commercial building industries.

  • Wesbeam's LVL roofing system eliminates the need for steel beams in roof construction. Our range of quality-engineered LVL products, span tables and software gives designers, engineers and builders everything they need to plan and build the most complex roofs. 

    1. e-beam For rafters, roof beams, strutting beams, strutting counter beams, strutting hanging beams, counter beams and verandah beams
    2. e-joist For rafters supporting roof cladding and ceiling loads
    3. e-splay Designed to fit between the wall plate and the underside of the rafter or roof cladding, creating an LVL alternative to steel universal beams
    4. e-strut Used as roof struts to support stick roofs for tile and metal sheet cladding
    5. e-purlin Used as a roof underpurlin to support stick roofs for tile and metal sheet cladding


  • Wesbeam's engineered LVL beams are available in a range of cross-section sizes and lengths making them ideal for use in load-bearing external walls.

    e-beam Used as lintels in single or upper storey load-bearing external walls or as lintels in lower storey load-bearing external walls as well as supporting truncated girder truss and supporting strutting beams

  • Wesbeam’s engineered LVL beams are lightweight and strong making them ideal for use in floor system construction. They’re available in a range of cross-section sizes and lengths.

    1. e-beam Used as floor joists supporting floor loads only, for tiled floors or floors supporting heavy furniture and supporting parallel load bearing walls over openings. Can also be used as bearers supporting floor loads only, supporting single or upper storey load-bearing walls and supporting two storey load-bearing walls
    2. e-joist Lightweight engineered floor joists purpose-designed for supporting floor and ceiling loads.

LVL in Bushfire Prone Areas

Many of our products are also suitable for LVL residential timber framing in Bushfire Prone Areas.

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