Engineered to be longer and stronger.

Wesbeam is an Australian-owned manufacturer of quality Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) products for the construction industry.

Our growing range of LVL products is engineered to span further, carry greater loads and withstand the tough Australian climate.

The real beauty of Wesbeam's LVL products is that because they're all engineered to be longer and stronger, any construction job becomes faster and more economical. You'll use fewer materials and avoid the need for heavy lifting gear.

Our e-range of fully integrated systems.

Our e-range includes a wide selection of LVL beams and joists; and completely integrated systems for framing, formwork and stick roof construction.

The Wesbeam product range includes e-beam, e-joist, e-bearer+joist, e-beam+ [17], e-splay, e-beam², e-purlin, e-strut, e-form, e-plank, e-batten, e-edge and e-stick.

Design made easy.

Working with Wesbeam LVL is easy. Our free software package, e-house, lets you explore the versatility of our products – and design complete floor and roof systems – or simply specify an individual beam.

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