LVL Floor Systems: More For Less

At Wesbeam, the quality and supply of our floor systems is guaranteed. We’ve provided a guide to the floor system components and why LVL works best.


Date: Tuesday 27 Jun 2023

At Wesbeam, the quality and supply of our floor systems is guaranteed. Here’s our guide to timber floor systems and why more Australians are using our LVL floor systems for their building projects.

What is a Floor System?

A floor system refers to the structural framework and components that support a building's floor. It is designed to distribute the weight of occupants, furniture, and other loads evenly throughout the structure. A floor system typically consists of several key elements:

Floor Joists

The main component of a floor framework is the joists. Wooden joists run parallel with regular spacing. These joists support the span between load-bearing walls or structural members and provide the primary framework for the floor. They help distribute the weight and ensure structural integrity. Wesbeam floor system utilises our premier I-joist product, e-joists are designed to provide strength and stability while using less material than traditional solid wood joists.


The floor joists are connected over beams for support. They add additional support to the joists and support the floor’s load. The beams need to have uniform strength across their entire length.

Joist Connectors & Hangers

The floor joists and beams are fastened together using joist hangers. Wesbeam floor systems use MiTek JoistHangers to connect our beams and I-joist.

Other Ancillaries

Other parts are required to build a complete flooring system. Wesbeam provides carpenters with a full kit of ancillaries including adhesives, cement sheets and particleboard.

Floor Covering

The visible and decorative layer of the floor, such as hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet, or vinyl. This is the material that people walk on and is chosen for its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Why Use an LVL Timber Floor System?

The use of engineered timber such as LVL for floor systems has increased in recent years. This is because LVL is a lightweight product that has the strength and support of steel or standard hardwood. Learn more about the advantages of LVL in our blog on the Benefits of Using LVL Timber.

In the last two years, Wesbeam has increased the production of e-joists to reduce lead times for our customers. Our state-of-the-art facility in Western Australia uses local timber to produce quality LVL and I-joists to meet the growing demand of the building industry. This means by using Wesbeam LVL for your floor system, you can use a high-quality product that also reduces your construction time.

Wesbeam floor systems are lightweight and easy to install. Having a local team of engineers on the ground means we can answer your questions and supply technical support throughout the entire process. Our optimised design process delivers more for less, so you can deliver your project on time and within budget.

As Australians working with Australian builders, that’s something we’re extremely proud of.

For more information on our floor systems and LVL I-joists, contact us today.

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