5 Reasons to Purchase Australian Made

In purchasing Wesbeam, and other products manufactured in Australia, you deliver real value to your business and the lives of other Australians. Here’s why.


Date: Thursday 25 Jul 2019

1. Supply and Price Security 

From Tree to Trade Wesbeam controls the whole process, ensuring supply security regardless of world demand. With our national distribution chain, we deliver a staggering 99.2% of orders on time - which is typically next day from placement of order.

Being an Australian manufacturer, our products are not exposed to exchange rate fluctuations effecting imported products. Wesbeam manufactures and sells in Australian dollars, providing much needed price stability to the Australian construction industry.

2. Meticulous Quality Control

Wesbeam products are manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4357.0). We test more frequently and set higher internal standards than those required. Wesbeam products and processes are third party audited by The Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA). We’re serious about building better wood.

3. Warranties

Every time you purchase a Wesbeam product you can be confident that every piece meets or exceeds the strict requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and that if it doesn’t, we will replace it - quickly.

4. Australian Wood - The Ultimate Renewable 

Harvesting timber from sustainable Australian forests benefits both people and the environment. Australia's world leading sustainable forestry practices make an important contribution to carbon sequestration (capture) and the conservation of water, soil and biodiversity. Wood is the ultimate renewable resource.

5. You’re Supporting More Australians 

With over 250 employees nationally, we play a big part in providing jobs and opportunities for local Australians, and for every person directly employed by Wesbeam another two to three people in the workforce benefit indirectly. That’s the leverage of Australian manufacturing.

PS.  Check out our Tree to Trade video here.

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