Chain of Custody

Wesbeam LVL is manufactured from the best quality timber to ensure all our products offer peak performance, strength and reliability. But Wesbeam doesn't just source the best timber we can find. We also make sure that the timber we use is harvested from sustainably managed forest resources. That is why Wesbeam LVL products come with full Responsible Wood (RW) Chain of Custody Certification.

This means that the timber used in Wesbeam's LVL products is sourced from sustainably managed forest resources. Administered under the Responsible Wood Certification Scheme, the RW Chain of Custody Certification is the only timber certification scheme that has an Australian Standard (RW 4707 - 2014). As noted on the Certificate, the Chain of Custody method used by Wesbeam is the Inventory Control & Accounting - Percentage Input/Output - Volume Credit system.

This Australian Standard is a world-class forestry standard that is endorsed by the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) scheme, the world's biggest assessor of sustainable forest management. So Wesbeam customers can be confident that the raw material used to produce our LVL can be tracked every step of the way, from the sustainably-managed forest where the timber was grown through to its end use in an LVL product.

As more projects mandate that only certified timber materials can be used, Wesbeam LVL's Chain of Custody Certification enables architects, building designers and specifiers to specify Wesbeam LVL with confidence.

To view the Chain of Custody Certificate, please click here.

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